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WD Cooper

WD Cooper

Wilfred Dalimore Cooper was born in Particroft (Greater Manchester) in 1905, within sight and sound of Patricroft engine sheds. 14 years later his brother Dennis was born in the same house. This environment played a part in their lifelong interest in railways, and certainly at that time and until the end of the steam era, it was a unique, never to be repeated, period in railway history.

Together, they explored the region and started their love of photography. Wilfred became an engineer and spent more and more time photographing railways and his second love, the Lake District. Dennis made his career on the railway
and was, for a time, a stationmaster in the Manchester Division.

They collaborated in 1979 to produce the book LMS Days published by Ian Allen Ltd. (read the introduction to LMS Days by W. D. Cooper)

This is the collection of photos from both WD and DS Cooper, the vast majority being those of Wilfred.

A note on photo quality and digital retouching.

A brief biography of Wilfred Cooper, written by his brother Dennis.




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