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Description Ref.
Atkinson Exports L01
Leyland Trucks montage - 7 Vehicles L02
Mobiloil montage - 9 Vehicles shown L03
Foden Truck montage - 12 Vehicles L04
Fire Engine montage - 7 Vehicles L05
E. R. F. montage - 7 Vehicles L06
British Road Services - 12 Vehicles L07
Pickfords Truck montage - 8 Vehicles L08
Morris Royal Mail Van L09
Foden S21 Truck 950 FKD Tate 8 Lyle Leaving Mersey Tunnel L10
Royal Mail Morris Van Offloads beside LMS train - 1930’s L11
Gu Big J Truck - R D Roberts & Son, Anglesea L12
Atkinson Borderer ADJ 970 - Suttons L13
Scammell Superman, HeavyHaulage Tractor Unit - Wynns L14
British Road Services Foden F6 Truck - Shap L15
London Transport RT3775 NLE 882 at Southall With Bowaters’ Mammoth Major L16
Royal Mail Morris Minor Van With Bristol Lodekker behind at Llangollen L17
SAAB montage - 10 Vehicles L18
Burrell Showman’s Engine XL 9086 L19
Dennis, North West Water - Street scene L20
Institute of Road Transport Engineers montage – 17 Vehicles 1944 - 1994 L21
British Road Services 113 AEC Mammoth Major L34
Foden montage’- 6 Vehicles illustrated including steam road locomotive L35
Royal Mail Morris Commercial Van, KYT 132, beside BEA Vickers Viscount at Grimsetter Air ort, Orkney – 1950’s L36
Foden Steamer of Stron & Co of Romse Ltd. L37
Roadferry montage - 7 Vehicles L38
Jaguar montage – 6 Cars illustrated L39
Atkinson Truck montage - 10 Vehicles L40
Scammell Highwayman-”Shell BP” L41
Bedford Truck montage - 16 Vehicles including 6 PSV’s L42
Foden S20 Wrecker - scene L43
Norweb Van - Street scene L44
Norweb Unimog - scene L45
Flavels of Lemington Bedford - scene L46
Barnes Leylands’ East Kent scene, Rawtenstall Depot scene L47
Truck montage - scammell, ERF etc. L48
Yorkshire transport??? L49
Scammel Scarab L51
British Road Services, Foden at Liverpool Docks L52
Atkinson L53

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