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Place Description Ref.
Aberdeen Aberdeen Corporation 1947 AEC Regent RT Type and a Pickering Tram - Street scene B196
  Aberdeen Tram B219
Abergavenny Abergavenny - Red & White Guy Arab No.???, and Albion No.??????? B004
Accrington Accrington Town Centre - Robinson’s Tours Guy Arab 8 Leyland Tiger B148
Altringham North Western Bristol K with original ECW body - Altringham Bus Station B198
Ashton Ashton - under - Lyne street scene. 8 Double Deckers shown. B152
Barton Barton PDI - SN and WB UDC B178
  Barton 1939 Leyland Titan TD5 / Duple No.347 B213
Birkenhead Woodside Birkenhead 1935 - 9 PSV’s including 2 Trams B039
  New Ferry Toll Bar near Birkenhead. Early 20th Century street scene with a 2 horse bus & single deck trams B162
  Birkenhead Horse Tram at Prenton Terminus B167
  Woodside Horse Cars 1864 by Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead B168
  Woodside Horse Cars at Woodside Ferry 1877 B169
  Birkenhead Tram scene. Woodside Ferry Terminus - Edwardian era. B176
  Trams at Woodside Ferry 1930 B177
  Town Hall, Hamilton Square - Birkenhead Tram Street scene B181
Birmingham Aston Church, Birmingham - Tram 601 B026
  Birmingham, Paradise Street - Numbers ????? B050
  Birmingham Corporation Tramways montage - Six Trams B117
  Navigation Street Birmingham Tram scene B131
  Birmingham City Transport- Outer Circle Late 1930’s to Fleetline B149
Blackburn Guy ARAB 167, in Blackburn on route 8 to Darwen cemetery. B021
  Blackburn - Tram and 1946 Guy Arab No.82. B210
Blackpool Blackpool Trams - Single Deck in Special Royal Mail livery B007
  Blackpool, Hotel Metropole, North Pier B042
  Blackpool Corporation Tramways - Six Vehicles B130
  Blackpool Bispham - Three Tram scene B143
  Blackpool - Is that No.210 ? If so, it’s a 1949 Leyland Titan PD2 / Burlingham, Halfway House Hotel, St. Annes Road/Squires Gate Lane B207
  Blackpool - 1950 Leyland Titan PD2 / Burlingham No.267, Talbot Square B208
Bolton Bolton Transport montage from early Trams to 1960’s Atlantean B061
  Bolton Moor Lane Bus Station - Late ’60s scene B114
Bournemouth Bournemouth - Charlie’s Cars Albion Valkyrie No.27. B031
  Bournemouth montage - Five Buses and Three Trolleys B085
Bradford Hebble Albion Valkyrie/Roe144 Leaving Bradford Chester Street Bus Station B116
  Bradford Sunbeam F4 trolleybus No.846. B242
Bristol Taunton bus station - Western National 1933 Bristol H No.114, early 1950s B019
  Weston-super-Mare - Bristol Tramways Dennis Mace / Duple No.654 B023
  Rambling Rose - Bedford OB leaving Whitchurch Depot, Bristol B032
  Bristol Omnibus Company - Nine Vehicles B155
Burnley Burnley Town Centre - St. James Street with Guy Arab 200 B150
  Burnley Trams - Street scene. 1 Single Deck 8 2 Double Deck B182
Burton on Trent Burton Corporation Guy Arabs - mid 50’s street scene B006
Cambridge Cambridge - Premier Travel. I think this is ex-Haslingden 1943 Daimler CWG5, FTD 195. B226
Cardiff Cardiff Corporation Transport - Trams Trolleys And Buses B067
  Cardiff Corporation - Four PSVs, Bristol KW6G No.127 (DUH 314) prominent. B108
Carlisle Cumberland Leyland TD7 Carlisle Bus Station B129
Chester Chester Corporation 1954 Guy Arab IV No.6 on route 6 followed by Crosville single decker B211
Coventry Pool Meadow Coventry. Daimler double deckers B008
  Coventry Transport montage - Seven Daimlers illustrated B065
  RT Coventry. Coventry Transport Regent III No. 99 in Spon Lane . B175
  Coventry Transport Daimler Deckers. Broadgate Street - 1950’s B179
  Coventry Transport AEC Regent 125 on route 13 to Ryton and Bedford OB 293 on Keresle Service B180
  Coventry 1950’s street scene. 2 Midland Red Deckers 8Coventry Transport Daimler B184
  Coventry Broadgate 1936. Street scene showing trams 8 6 wheel Deckers B186
  Coventry Trinity Street scene featuring 7 PSVs. B188
  Earl Street, Coventry. Coventry Corporation Crossley DD42 in Reverse Livery B200
  Broadgate, Coventry Pre war 1939 B209
  Ironmonger Row, Coventry: Maudslay Regent B220
  Coventry Transport B231
  Coventry Transport Daimler CVD6 at Pool Meadow Bus Station B233
Cumberland Cumberland Motor Services montage - Eleven Vehicles B068
Darlington United Bristol K’s at Darlington B005
  Darlington 1954 Guy Arab III / Roe No.50 and 1952 Guy Arab III single decker No.29. B234
Dartmoor Dartmoor - Tor-Bus Sentinel, 1950s B009
Derby Derby, Market Place - Daimler, Foden, and Sunbeam Trolleybus No.237. B016
  Derby - Sunbeam / Park Royal trolleybus No.175. B221
  Derby 1960 Sunbeam F4A trolleybus No.357. B244
Devon Grey Cars and Devon General montage - Twelve Vehicles Including one Car B103
Doncaster Doncaster Corporation Transport 1948 Daimler CVD6 / Roe No.101. B243
Dublin Dublin - CIE 1946 Daimler CWD6 No.ZD3 B018
Dudley Dudley 1939 Midland Guy B121
  .Dudley’s Midland Red Bus station in the 1930’s B164
Edinburgh City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh montage Twelve Vehicles including Two Trams B066
  Edinburgh Corporation 1933 Morris Commercial Imperial with Park Royal Lowbridge Bodywork Prince’s Street late 1930’s B189
General Barton montage - Ten Vehicles B059
  Midland Deckers Montage - seven Vehicles B064
  Crosville montage - Ten Traditional Vehicles. Nine in Bus Livery and one in Coach B077
  Southern & Western National montage - Nine Vehicles B080
  United Counties montage - Eight Bristols illustrated B082
  King Alfred Motor Services montage - Nine PSV’s illustrated B083
  Southdown Deckers montage - Seven Double Deckers illustrated B084
  Northern Group - 6 Deckers from Four Companies Within The Group B097
  Royal Blue montage - Eight Vehicles B106
  Ribble montage - Thirteen Vehicles B112
  AEC Regent. Number ????? Is it Economic ? B115
  Alexanders Group montage - Eight Vehicles B125
  The Delaine montage - Seven Vehicles B126
  Midland Red Single deck montage. Nine Vehicles. B154
  Midland Red SOS FS. HA 3536. A 1926 Brush bodied bus B163
  Tram Calendar Cover B166
  Andrew’s Bedfords. One OB & one SB. B171
  Economics Albion Valkyrie KUP 799. 1950’ street scene with trolley bus. B185
  Ribble 1989 montage - Eleven Vehicles B187
  Midland Red 1942 Leyland Titan TD7 Northern Counties No. 2438 B193
  SHMD 1937 Daimler COG 5 / Northern Counties No.175 B218
Glasgow Glasgow Govan Hill 1950’s. Single 8 double decker trams+ Albion Valkyrie B051
  Glasgow Gorbals Street scene (Tram) B052
  Eglinton Toll prior to 1946, (when a barrier was erected to close the crossover) B053
  Glasgow Buses Montage - Seven Buses and Three Trolleys B089
  Glasgow Corporation - Eight Trams illustrated B099
  Glasgow Corporation Tramways - Ten Vehicles Illustrated B101
  Glasgow Bus scene - Twelve Vehicles illustrated. 1950’s era. B183
  Glasgow Corporation Crossley EGA75 Route 7A to Kilmore Drive B192
  Glasgow - Baxter’s Bus Service of Airdrie, Crossley EVA 105 ********************** B229
Halifax Halifax Street scene Trams 8 Buses B104
  Halifax - AEC Regent number ????? at Hebden Bridge with Todmorden Corp in background B216
Harrington East Yorkshire Motor Services 1960 Leyland Tiger Cub / Harrington Cavalier No. 693 B235
Highlands Highlands - MacBraynes AEC Q (side engine), Loch Linnhe Steamer King George IV B029
  Highlands - MacBraynes Maudslay (NOTE SPELLING!) Marathon III / Park Royal between Arrochar and Inverraray B030
  Highlands, Beauly Firth - The only Highland Leyland Titan PD1 B199
Huddersfield Huddersfield railway station - Huddersfield AEC Regent No.182, trolleybus No.619, KVH. 219 B003
Huntingdon Nottingham - Notts & Derby 1932 Tilling-Stevens / Weymann leaves Huntingdon Street bus station B195
Ipswich Ipswich Buses - Eight Vehicles depicting Post-War Fleet B153
Kent East Kent Leyland TD4 Titan JG 8204 B165
Keswick Keswick Bus Station in the 1950’s B146
Kings Lynn Eastern Counties Leyland Titan TD2 on route 35 to Kings Lynn B012
Lancashire Lancashire United Transport montage Eleven Vehicles Shown B058
  North Western/Lancashire United Transport/Salford Corporation/Manchester B062
  Tramways of South Lancashire - Nineteen Trams illustrated B137
  Lancashire United Transport - 1951 Foden PVD6 / Northern Counties No.449 (is that correct number?) B225
Lancaster Lancaster City Transport montage - Ten Vehicles Including One Tram. 1973-1978. B098
  Lancaster City Transport and Lonsdale Coaches B151
Leeds Independent Coachways - Leeds. Silver Jubilee montage- 1967 to 1992 B158
Leicester Leicester City Transport 1963 to 1993 B124
  Leicester City Transport - Nine Vehicles including One Tram B160
Leigh Leigh Corporation montage - Eleven Vehicles B093
Leyland Fishwick & Sons of Leyland - montage. B078
Liverpool Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport- Four Trams and Four Buses B123
  Liverpool Dale Street Tram scene. Tram No. 231 B141
  Liverpool Water Street - Tram and Bus B142
  Liverpool James Street Bus and Tram scene B172
  Liverpool Tram 555 on route 38 to Penny Lane. B173
  Liverpool No 10 Tram at Warrington Road Terminal, Prescot where it joined up with the St. Helens trolleybuses, circa 1940s B247
  In bright sunshine AEC A771 leaving Chapel Street and turns into Moorfields en route to Church Street, Liverpool circa 1957 B253
  AEC A771 leaving Chapel Street and turns into Moorfields en route to Church Street, Liverpool circa 1957 B253
London Victoria Coach Station - Standerwick Bristol VRL, and “Gay Hostess” Leyland Atlantean B022
  London Transport Trams Trolley Bus And Buses B075
  London Piccadilly Circus with RT98 and Greenline T627 B111
  London Transport RF montage - Four Vehicles B113
  London Transport - Red and Green RLH’s meet at Morden Station B138
  London Leyland's ranging from pre-war C26 to modern Titan B161
  Metropolitan Police Bedford OB by Houses of Parliament B170
  London Transport G436 Guy Arab at Chingford Station Forecourt 1950 B190
  London Transport 1936 Leyland STD Type at Golders Green Station B197
  London Transport LT-class six wheeler B236
Longleat Leathers Coaches 1950 Bedford OB at Longleat B120
Maidstone Maidstone & District wartime Bristol K5G No. DH11 with replacement 1950 Saunders body. B020
Manchester Manchester Piccadilly Trams scene B035
  Lower Moseley Street Bus Station, Manchester B036
  Manchester Piccadilly Buses scene B040
  Manchester Trams montage - Six Vehicles B073
  Greater Manchester - pre-grouping montage. 14 Vehicles B095
  Greater Manchester Transport - Constituents Sixteen Vehicles B144
  Ribble White Lady at Manchester’s Lower Mosley Street Bus Station B194
  Manchester Corporation - 2 Crossley Buses and Trolleybus B202
  Manchester Leyland Titan PD2 / Metro-Cammell No.3245, Whitefield Cannon Street B228
  ??? B240
Mansfield Mansfield & District Traction in Regent St Mansfield on the 101 to Mansfield Woodhouse B227
  Mansfield ? 1949 Daimler. Is that KAL 580 ? ****************************** B238
Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais Top railway crossing - 1948 Foden PVD6 No.47 B140
Mexborough Mexborough - Mexborough & Swinton 1947 Sunbeam trolleybus No.10 B212
Midlands East Midland montage - Eight Vehicles B087
  Midland General Trams, Trolleys and Buses of MGO/Notts and Derby Traction B118
Morecambe Morecambe & Heysham Corporation - From Horse Tram to Dual Door B079
  Morecambe & Heysham 1950 AEC Regent III No.66. B230
Newcastle Newcastle Central Station B048
  Newcastle Transport montage - One Tram Two Trolleys and Five D/D Buses B107
  United Auto Guy Arab No. GGH1 B109
North Shields Tyneside Leyland PD3 and Northern Mark I Leyland National - North Shields B044
North West North Western montage - Twelve vehicles illustrated B056
not identified Pioneer Coaches Leyland Tiger PS1 / Alexander No.PA184 (CWG 286) B028
  Ribble B203
  Western SMT B204
  The vehicle is probably a Leyland Gnu, only 8 ever made around 1937. B214
  Northern General 1935 NGT SE6 No.76. B215
  Royal Blue, Bristol LS6G. with E.C.W. Body B232
  Crosville Olympian leads a PMT Olympian B237
  Newcastle - 1948 BUT trolleybus No. 494. B239
  1951 Leyland Royal Tiger / Duple LOE 900, originally registered to “Jackson, Castle Bromwich”. Can you read the fleet name on the roof or side of the vehicle ? B241
Nottingham Nottingham City Transport montage - Eleven Vehicles Trams Trolleys and Buses B081
  South Notts montage - Nine Vehicles B091
  Nottingham Market Square - Two Trolleys and AEC Regent lll B135
Oldham Oldham Corporation 1958 Leyland Titan PD2 / Roe No.450 B222
Plymouth Plymouth - Western National Bristol FLF Lodekka No.2019 B017
Pontypridd Pontypridd English Electric SD6W Trolley to Cilfynydd B027
Portsmouth Portsmouth - Southdown Thornycroft Cygnet B014
  Portsmouth London Road Leyland and Crossley Double Deckers and Trolley B136
Potteries Potteries Motor Transport - 1948. Eight vehicles depicted. B054
  Potteries Motor Transport - 1957. Nine buses Shown B057
Preston Old Preston Bus Station Tithebarn Street - Early ’50s scene B159
Reading Reading Transport - Nine Vehicles including one Trolley Bus B069
  Reading - 1961 Sunbeam F4A / Burlingham trolleybus No. 193 B245
Rochdale Yelloway Number ?????? Burlingham Seagull, Rochdale B046
  Rochdale street scene of the 1950’s featuring Yelloways Bedford OB, FDK 571, followed by Rochdale AEC Regent B174
Rotherham Rotherham Corporation Daimler CTC6 trolleybus, and Bristol Ks B025
Salford Salford Weaste - Salford City Transport Daimler No. 460 B015
  Salford Pendleton Street scene. 1950’s B041
  Victoria Bus Station Salford ~ B043
  Salford Corporation Trams - Eight Trams Shown B145
  Salford City Transport montage - Nine Vehicles 1946 to 1969 B156
  Salford Corporation 1932 Dennis Lance II No.96, Victoria Bridge Street, after 1937 B191
  Salford Corporation Daimler CVG6 No.420 B217
Scarborough Scarborough, Westwood bus station - East Yorkshire Royal Tiger No.552, plus AEC Regent and Leyland Titan PD2 (No.548) both with ‘Beverley Bar’ roof contours B024
Sheffield Sheffield Trams and Buses B047
  Sheffield Transport - Eleven Vehicles B086
  Sheffield Trams montage - 1S73 to 1960 B127
Sherbourne Sherborne - Wades AEC Regal B133
Skipton Skipton - West Yorkshire Leyland Titan TD1 No.403 B002
South Shields South Shields Town Hall Square - Trolley Buses. B049
  South Shields, Market - South Shields Sunbeam trolleybus No.265, Crossley decker, and Economic Leyland Cheetah B102
Southampton Southampton, Vincent’s Walk - Guy Arab III No.196 and Guy Arab UF No.245 * (is it 245?) B157
Southend Southend Tram Street scene B045
  Southend Corporation AEC Regent III/Massey 259 on Route 25C B122
  Southend Corporation - 1934 Gloster trolleybus No.122 B132
  Southend Double Deck Tram on Leigh on Sea Service B147
Southport Southport Corporation 1945 Daimler CWA6 No.70. B205
  Leyland PD2 Southport bus in Lord Street. B250
St. Helens St. Helens Corporation - Ten Vehicles including One Trolley B134
Stalybridge Stalybridge Hyde Mossley Dukinfield Joint Tramways - Montage B100
Stockport Stockport, Hazel Grove, 63 and 1007 Manchester Trams B034
  Stockport, Mersey Square B037
  Stockport Depot scene B038
  Stockport Corporation montage - Seven Buses and one Tram B063
  Stockport Touchstone Inn Princess Street- Tram scene B119
Strathclyde Strathclyde’s Buses 1894 - 1984 Buses Trolleys Tram and Subway Train B090
Sunderland Economic Albion Valkyrie in Sunderland. 1950’s street scene. B001
Swinton Swinton Corporation Transport montage - Eleven PSV’s B094
Torquay Devon General Grey Cars AEC Ranger, The Strand, Torquay B033
Trent Trent - From pre-war BMMO Type Single decker to Early Atlantean. B070
  Trent 1956 Leyland Titan PD2 / Metro-Cammell No.1353. B223
Wallasey Wallasey 1946 Leyland Titan PD1 No.78 at the ferry terminal. There livery was called sea green. To most onlookers, it looked pale yellow and cream. B248
Walsall Walsall Corporation montage - Eleven Vehicles Buses and Trolleys B092
Warminster The Bristol Line-up Appearing at 1995 Warminster WW VBRD B076
Warrington Warrington Corporation Tramways - 1902 to 1935 - Six Trams illustrated B074
  Warrington Corporation 1948 Foden PVD6 on Service 12 Stockton Heath to Applethorn B201
West Monmouthshire Monmouthshire, Crumlin Viaduct - West Mon Daimler COG6 No.20 B011
West Riding West Riding montage including 2 illustrations of Guy Wulfrunians B110
West Yorkshire West Yorkshire - prototype Bristol LDX6B Lodekka No.822 B010
Western Western S.M.T montage - Ten Vehicles illustrated B055
Weymouth Weymouth - Southern National No.1002, Leyland TS7D Tiger / Beadle 6-wheeler B139
Wigan Wigan Corporation montage - Nine Vehicles B105
Wiltshire and Dorset Wilts & Dorset montage - Nine Vehicles B071
Winchester Winchester, Broadway - King Alfred Bedford VAL, late 60s B013
York York Minster - York Corporation Crossley-Eagle-Roe B128
Yorkshire “Yorkshire Woollen District Transport” . 1903 Brush Tram to 1967 Atlantean B060
  West Yorkshire montage - Ten Vehicles B072
  Yorkshire Coaches - Nine Vehicles Illustrated B088
  Yorkshire Rider Constituents - Thirteen Vehicles B096
  West Yorkshire 1940 Bristol L5G No.175 B206
  W R & P Bingley of Kinsley nr Pontefract trading as United Services B224

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