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Photo quality and digital retouching

The photographs shown on this site have been scanned from the original glass and film negatives. Obviously, some of these are over 60 years old, and have some dust and scratches on them. A number of the negatives were also either over or under exposed. Read about some of the issues encountered taking railway photos from the photographer himself in this introduction to the book LMS Days. My grandfather corrected many of the problems in the darkroom when making prints. I do not have a darkroom, but, as the images have been scanned at high resolution to create a digital file, I have the chance to use the digital equivalent of the darkroom, Adobe Photoshop, of which I am proficient. See the example below.

However, as there are over 2000 photos, I will be digitally cleaning them over the next few years, or on commend. So if you would like to purchase a print, or use a photo in a book, it will be digitally corrected to the best of my ability before delivery.

Please note, I have already corrected the tonal balance of the low resolution images shown on the site. If you would like to know more about this process, please contact:

An example of the digital correction applied to the photographs

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