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This site showcases the creative work of three generations of the Cooper family from the North West of England.

Railway Photographer W.D. Cooper

The photographic collection of W.D. Cooper covers British railways from 1932 to the 1960's. There are over 2500 images in the collection, most of which are available to view on the site now. The remaining images are being scanned and shall be added just as soon as they become available. My grandfather was very diligent about recording details of all the photographs he took. If there are any errors in the records as shown here, the fault will lie with my mis-typing the entry, or incorrectly identifying the photographs. I would appreciate you notifying me via email ( if you notice any errors.

Transport Artist G.S. (Sid) Cooper

The Transport Art of G.S. Cooper is well known amongst bus and rail enthusiasts. Known for his wealth of knowledge and attention to detail, his work has been appreciated by a world wide audience. He unfortunately died in 1998 following a short illness and that was the inspiration for the Cooperline site. The catalogue of images shown here is just a small selection of his body of work that could be scanned for reproduction.

Unlike my grandfather, my father was not the best at keeping written notes on what he had produced. Thus, many of the images in this collection may be incorrectly labeled, or not identified at all. If you have more accurate information about the content of any of the G.S. Cooper images, or wish to correct any mistakes that may have arisen, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Should you be the proud owner of a G.S.Cooper original that is not represented in the collection, and you would like to have your image included in the Cooperline collection, please contact David Cooper, details below. A percentage of any revenue derived from the use of the images would be distributed.

Illustrator/Artist D.P. Cooper

As the third in the line, I am showing some of my illustration and artwork on the site.

I currently work as a freelance designer/illustrator in France and manage as a labour of love. I would appreciate any comments you have on the site, and if you have any questions, I aim to respond to within 24 hours.

The images in the three catalogues are available for purchase as prints or for reproduction in books, calendars etc.

For more information or to order a print or image rights, please contact:

David Cooper
Tel: +44 (0)7921 926905

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